Agenda VDF Plus


The rising complexity of Back Office operations increases operators’s needs for a flexible, easy-to-use and intuitive tool that delivers daily Corporate Actions related to their portfolio.

A Corporate Actions web based service - created on SIX Telekurs VDF data flow, handled by Augeos’ Gereon engine.


  • To increase usability of  informations, extended to more procedures
  • To centralize in a single tool the checklist of daily operations to perform
  • To simplify and to rationalize the back-office operations, making the most of the flows already used, for instance, for the daily pricing procedure

Corporate Action: dominio completo

All these can happen to my portfolio:

– Cash Distribution

– Stock Distribution  in Cash / Stock

– Optional Distribution in Cash/Stock

– Scrip Issue

– Spin-Off

– Reinvestment

– Distribution in Arrears / in Kind

– Liquidation Distribution

– Specification of Distribution

– Variable Payment of Interest

– Irregular Interest Payment

– Capital Distribution

– Interest Payment

– Omission/Reduction of Interest Payment

– Settlement of Interest/Capital in Arrears

– Currency Option on Interest Payment

– Liquidation Amount on Forward Deals

– Tax

– Other Distribution

– Call on Partly Paid Bonds

– Change of Interest Rate

– Extension of Maturity by Holders

– Extension of Maturity by Issuer

– Omission/Reduction of Capital

– Payment / Maturity

– Early Redemption Demanded by Holders

– Conversion Offer

– Early Redemption

– Shortening of Duration by Issuer

– Other Event

– Redenomination

– Name Change

– Domicile Change

– Capital Increase without Charge

– Capital/Par Value Increase with Compensation

– New Issue with Preferential Rights

– Issue of Shares/Change in Capital Structure

– Rights Issue

– Capital Increase against Cash

– Capital/Par Value Increase without

– Compensation

– Capital Reduction with / without  Compensation

– Split / Reverse Split

– Special Rights Issue

– Capital/Par Value Reduction with / without Compensation

– Redemption

– Change in Quotation

– Conversion/Exercise Period – Call - Conditions

– Merger/ Demerger

– Separation  / Consolidation of Units

– Exchange

– Assimilation

– Call on Non-Paid Capital

– Declaration of Invalidity

– Renewal of Coupon Sheet

– Exchange/Overstamping

– Liquidation / Bankruptcy

– Class Action

– Reorganisation

–Purchase/Exchange Offer

– Purchase Offer -  Repurchase Offer

– Draw by Lot/Repurchase

– Capital Repayment per Bond

– Lost/Stolen Securities

– General / Creditor Meeting



Selection of important events

Managed information is divided by:

  • Dividends
  • Capital events
  • Company events
  • Cash flows
  • Events search

Agenda Service VDFS

On all kinds of events you can find these informations:


La M indica la presenza di un evento modificato, del quale si possono ottenere sia le informazioni precedenti alla modifica che quelle attuali. La N invece indica un nuovo evento.

Updates history

For each modified record you can also see the previous record values.

Agenda Service VDFS: Calendar


Agenda Service VDFS: Dividends


Agenda Service VDFS : Capital events


Agenda Service VDFS : Company events


Agenda Service VDFS: Coupons


Agenda Service VDFS: Capital repayment

Agenda Service VDFS: Next to maturity


Agenda Service VDFS: Events search

It is also possible to consult the Corporate Actions of the 6 preceding days and those planned for the 2 following days.