AIT Risk

Augeos solution for the full management of risk and internal control focused on IT Asset

AIT Risk. Management of it risks and it controls. Under all points of view



It's the basic Augeos approach.

It offers a lot of advantages:

  • IT asset, process and cyber threat identification;
  • Workflow to detect the IT incidents, connected to risk;
  • Web-based risk assessment management;
  • Risk based control mapping and evaluation;
  • Availability of statistics e KRI;
  • Mitigation action plans management;
  • Drill down analysis (Excel format output);
  • “Audit-proof” system.


AIT Risk could build a personalized risk view and a control management for each corporate function. AIT Risk use a proprietary framework compliant with Circular 285 of the Bank of Italy, compatible with COBIT 5, Basilea and ISO207001. AIT Risk is the safe environment where keep all information about the IT risk management.