AT Master

Augeos's solution that lets you control and manage all data streams comes from multiple financial data vendors using a single product.

AT Master. Data management solution for the securities: each run, a masterpiece.



With AT Master you get a significant reduction in operational risk relating to data, allocating data entry operations only to supervision and control functions.

This solution allows users to directly compare the new information with data "legacy" and provides log information for audit office.

The system architecture is intended to support multiple data sources as information provide and keep aligned master data of different business applications.

You can easily change or extend data feed and data export to new business applications with very competitive costs

AT Master processes input/output data flows automatically allowing you to control the actions through different forms and to receive alerts via email.

Moreover it provides a configuration environment for every single data provider, used also from the client web to simplify understanding of each individual field.

The customer can manage independently investigations, reports and dashboards, exporting data in various formats (such as print, PDF, database, screen or XML).