MensLegis MensLegis

Nomotika's solution to support compliance office.

Corporate Compliance.

To explain regulations with clarity and accurancy: this is MenslegiS's mission.

A highly professional instrument that gathers all legal regulations, coming from different external sources, in an easily browsable map and highlights the compliance implications for each and every company role.

The legal text is transformed in a structure that highlights for every regulation:

  • legal rules;
  • legal risk type (violations, contractual and non-contractual liability);
  • penalties (criminal, administrative and civil penalties);
  • linked concepts;
  • jurisprudence;
  • analytic details (
  • brief notes from legal experts about single prescriptions, non-compliance situations, legal treatments).

From every element of the structure, it is possible to:

  • go back to the linked legal rules to browse them as in a hypertext;
  • highlight all linked prescriptions in a hierarchical way. 

Browse safely

MenslegiS is an online service accessible via an Internet browser. It is also possible to export data and reports towards other systems.

A complete instrument

MenslegiS is steadily updated from a team of legal experts whose job is to promptly update the system when a change in regulations occurs. MenslegiS alerts the user about most recent news related to the legal domain of interest.

  • Compliance Officers
  • Legal Officers
  • Auditors
  • Supervisors
  • Law Firms


MenslegiS is based on state of the art technologies, like Human Language Technologies and Legal XML developedin cooperation with University of Torino.

You can integrate MenslegiS’ data with NORMAGEOS®, the Augeos web platform focused on Compliance Risk Management.



  • focus on prescriptions, liability and penalties;
  • immediate evidence on key information;
  • responsibilities and duties presented with clarity;
  • primary and secondary legislation, holdings and case law at your fingertips;
  • constant and continuous updating;
  • everything under control anytime, anywhere (web access);
  • greater awareness of the legal risks assumed by the company;
  • responsibilities sharing of commitments and risks;
  • intuitive and easy to use.