Augeos solution for the collection of official documents of the asset management.

Important numbers.

Monit Funds Library is the most important collection of documents and one of the most comprehensive databases of reference data on the Italian Asset Management.

The electronic archive includes:

  • more than 1.000 issuing companies;
  • more than 15.000 products ( 6.000 of whitch active and distributed on the market), for a total of more than 11.000 classes;
  • all the sales agents of the products in Italy;
  • correspondent and depository banks;
  • more than 600.000 documents, for a total of more than 2.000.000 pages.

The online database provides:

  • an archive containing all the documents in force and the historical archive since 1997;
  • an updated database with the latest documents published.

The document archive.

The availability of the documents - in PDF format - start from 1997 and the database is frequently updated.

As regards the products, it includes offering prospectus, official report, Key Investor Information Document, Bank of Italy regulations, extracted of insurance policies and documents about tax regime.

For each product are also provided all information on benchmark, investment policies, issuing companies and depository bank.

For example for issuing companies you can be found, quickly and simply,  informations about balance sheet, yearly reports,  shareholders or Fact Sheet as well as a report  with list of available products and documents.

Search criteria.

Specific search paths allow selective extraction of  issuing companies, products and documents:

  • products search;
  • issuing companies search;
  • selection of documents of products;
  • selection of corporate documents
  • benchmark search;
  • selection for the subject of the operation
  • full-text searches within the investment policies.


Monit Funds Library: benefits.

Monit Funds Library provides several benefits:

  • powerful, intuitive and easy to use tool;
  • web access;
  • a complete database on Italian Asset Management steadily and promptly updated.