Augeos solution to manage the compliance risks

Normageos. Risk Compliance Management. A state of the art.


NormAgeos is the tool that supports the Compliance Manager in the daily activity to identify, evaluate and monitor compliance risks:

  • Legal inventory compliance-oriented;
  • Complete assessment management for regulatory compliance;
  • Automatic collection - in an easy to access archive - of all the information exchanged with various departments with evidence of trade history (workflow) and approvals;
  • Management of specific action plans;
  • Management of the relationship between the various organizational units involved in the evaluation process;
  • Dedicated reporting to senior managers or heads of organizational units;
  • Monitoring the progress of corrective actions identified;
  • Single database of events of non-compliance or complaints;
  • Management of permanent controls on risks.

NormAgeos allows creating and managing a corporate legal inventory, focused on compliance.

It is upgradable with regulatory requirements of both internal and external source. You can also connect the rules and sanctions related to the structure of business processes.

NormAgeos could be connected with the repository of business processes, whether it is a simple taxonomy or a specific information system.


  • Definition of the activities to be performed;
  • Manager assignment;
  • Scheduling;
  • Attachments management.
  • Heat Map and multidimensional analysis by organizational unit, process, rule;
  • Drill down investigations to move from synthesis up to the maximum level of detailed analysis;
  • Export of data in xls and pdf format;
  • Executive report;
  • Audit features: log of all changes.
  • Management of periodic assessment;
  • Defining the criteria for identification of Inherent Risk and Residual Risk in the effectiveness of the controls.


  • All the functionality you need at your fingertips;
  • Everything under control anytime, anywhere (web access);
  • Increased awareness of legal risks assumed by the bank;
  • Co-responsibility of the commitments and risks.