VDF Plus VDF Plus

If the need is to have an automatic batch flow that updates your database on the basis of requests related to the whole portfolio to manage the right solution is VDF PLUS.

The data delivery service of security descriptive data and prices realized in partnership with SIX Telekurs. You choose the information you wish to receive for a specific portfolio of instruments, we provide you every night with  new updates.

VDF Plus

Data feed  (see note) : through an agreement with SIX Telekurs provides financial reference, corporate action data and closing prices for financial instruments. The service is mainly oriented to Middle Office, Back Office, Finance Administration and Risk Management.

VDF Plus allows you to leave the management of finding information on the portfolio securities and its monitoring process (security descriptive data, cross-references, capital changes, dividend payments, corporate actions, valuation prices,ratings and more…)

A database of more than 3 million securities and about 150 markets in the world, constantly monitored by an authoritative and reliable team, with about 450 fields for each securitiy / instrument divided into 44 specific tables.

The service is fully automated and is based on the mechanism of systematic and dynamic data selection: providing a list - or a dynamic range - of the securities you want to get the update immediately load the initial set of those securities and the next day onwards daily updates details and prices .

And all this is delivered in the format you need for Straight-Through Processing, ready to import into your database.

A modular service.

VDF +: our strengths

  • Authoritative provider recognized worldwide for investment advisory services, fund administration, portfolio management, financial analysis and securities administration;
  • Official recognition for the quality of data provided (ISO);
  • Member of International Association for Securities Administration;
  • Integration of data from official sources and institutions (Bank of Italy (UIC) - Monte Titoli);
  • Primary Source of Back Office of Switzerland banks;
  • Team of professionals in the Back Office for manual data entry;
  • Supply value-added modules as  "Fair Value Plus” (VAR, Prices unlisted italian securities) under the new regulations (IAS, Basel II);
  • Delivery structure with  full redundancy - hardware and geographical;
  • Automated data flow from your selection file to data delivery;
  • Daily service or multiple deliveries of reference, descriptive and corporate actions data by global region;
  • Ad hoc selection of newly required instruments during the day: all information is immediately at hand.


Consultancy: instrument detail

For each financial instrument 44 tables with informations about:

For each financial instrument 44 tables with informations about:

  • Security reference and descriptive data: VDF Plus provides a large set of basic securities data: instrument classification, issuance and conversion conditions, investment regulations and current asset allocation for funds. Structured instruments are described through their components. Companies with roles such as lead manager, paying agent, custodian bank or guarantor are also linked to the instrument.
  • Capital : Capital increases and reductions, splits and reverse splits, conversion of new shares to ordinary shares.
  • Dividends, coupon payments: Stock, cash and optional dividends. Regular or irregular, planned and fixed coupon payments. Final maturity, sinking fund, drawing/repurchase, early redemption, rate fixings for floating rate notes and other forms.
  • Underlyings: Cross-reference to the corresponding underlying instruments are provided for derivatives; and  weightings of the individual instruments for complex basket warrants.
  • Ratings: VDF Plus  delivers encoded ratings for instruments and institutions supplied by the leading agencies – all transformed into one consistent format. In each case, the history of upgrades and downgrades is supplied along with changes in watch list status.
  • Cross-referencing: 15 instrument identification numbering systems are cross-referenced in VDF Plus. Codes and classifications for administrative purposes as shown Bankit, UIC e Consob .
  • Corporate basic data: Basic data is maintained for institutions associated with instruments featured in VDF Plus (issuers, stock exchanges, rating agencies, etc.). This data includes general meeting announcements with the corresponding agendas, as well as industry sector codes and trading place calendars.
  • Corporate actions and events: mergers, de-mergers, ongoing lawsuits, name and domicile changes, capital changes, bankruptcies and liquidations are reported by company. When the actual event has taken place, the associated changes are automatically applied to the respective transaction categories (payments, basic data, etc.).
  • Valuation prices: A wide range of price data – settlement prices, opening prices, daily closing prices and country specific prices plus trading volumes and the SIX Telekurs valuation price – is supplied for the daily valuation of positions by instrument type and stock exchange. Related figures such as yields, gearing or delta values are also calculated on the basis of these prices.
  • Regulatory compliance data: For regulations such as the German tax law, the EU Directive on Taxation of Savings Income, Basel II or MiFID, VDF Plus delivers special data sets.




VDF Plus Services based on Six Financial Valor Data Feed (see link)