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VDFPlus offers a record of specific information to meet the needs arising from the Securities Financing Operations Regulation (SFTR), the European body of legislation for the regulation of securities lending and repurchase agreements, which was published in the Official Journal of the EU on 23 December 2018.


The regulation includes requirements to obtain a counterpart’s consent before reusing its warranty, disclosure and communication to commercial repositories.


The objective of the legislation is to reduce systemic risk in securities lending and gain greater visibility on the re-use of collateral.


The data set includes, in particular, the following information on the instruments:

  • FISN, instrument name in accordance with ISO18774
  • CFI classification code for financial instruments
  • ISO country code
  • Title classification / warranty
  • Classification of the credit risk of the security / guarantee
  • Code LEI of the issuer and the parent company