GDPR: Register of processing operations

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GDPR: Register of processing operations

“Register of processing operations” (hereinafter: GDPR) is Augeos’ solution dedicated to the operational management of treatments as standardized by the General Data Protection Regulation. It provides the compliance office not only with a powerful IT tool, but also with a rigorous methodological framework that guides in the definition of the register of processing operations:

  • Acquisition of structured information essential for the completion of the contents of the processing
  • Interfacing with other modules of the GRC platform (e.g. Data Protection Impact Assessment, Complaints) or with third-party solutions
  • Document management of attachments

The solution allows you to manage structured information related to a treatment. More specifically, features of massive loading of spreadsheets structured according to standard templates are made available.


These features are made available exclusively to users with special permits and according to the state of the object.

The Register of processing operations is made available on a special index page that can be easily consulted thanks to the help of advanced filters and sorting features. The contents of the list are generated according to the permissions, so as to allow their consultation only to the assigned users. The list, possibly filtered, can be exported on spreadsheets.