Key Risk Indicators

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    Key Risk Indicators

    In order to have a clear picture of the circumstantial scenario that could testify to the possible occurrence of a risk in the short to medium term, the use of key indicators is recommended.


    RED provides users with a convenient IT solution for the management of historical series of measurements through:

    • An integrated monitoring dashboard
    • A centralized archive of indicators
    • Analysis and in-depth analysis tools
    • Detailed reporting

    The information related to an indicator is subjected to “predictive” analysis based on algorithms that determine:

    • The trend
    • The reliability of the trend (e.g. by applying the “Cox-Stuart test”)
    • Threshold limits (e.g.: Alert and Risk Tolerance)

    The latter can be configured by choosing from:

    • Static thresholds, i.e. defined ex-ante when setting up kri
    • Dynamic thresholds, i.e. calculated according to an algorithm configurable a priori that processes the historical series of kri