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    In a changing and constantly evolving regulatory framework, being able to make use of an IT tool to support compliance tasks means to make the daily governance of the risk of non-compliance more efficient.


    Normageos (hereinafter: NG) is Augeos’ solution that allows to carry out with extreme rigor and, at the same time, flexibility all the activities attributable to:

    • Conducting Compliance Risk Self Assessment sessions
    • The maintenance of a compliance-oriented Legal Inventory
    • The management in a single dossier of all the Obligations
    • The planning of Audit and Control Visits
    • The production of dedicated Reports
    • The management of control Garrisons related to the risks of non-compliance
    • Collecting in a single database of non-compliance events

    Following the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (more commonly known as GDPR), NG also provides features dedicated to:

    • The full management of the Register of Treatments
    • Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessment and/or Privacy Impact Assessment sessions
    • The collection of Data Breach in a single database

    NG is a component of augeos GRC platform. By virtue of this nature, the solution automatically inherits a number of basic features that allow you to manage:

    • Profiling (also through SSO procedures) and user maintenance
    • Roles and permissions
    • The structure of organizational units
    • Taxonomies
    • nsertion, editing and removal functionality directly through web interfaces (cc.dd. “CRUD functionality” – Create, Read, Update, Delete)
    • Massive loading of spreadsheets structured according to standard templates
    • Synchronization/alignment procedures from third-party sources
    • Native integration with other modules of the Augeos GRC platform, such as:
      • The management component of the Action Plans
      • The system for defining and monitoring Risk Indicators