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Augeos is the management and technology consulting company specialized in the development of services and software solutions for the Finance sector.


The Augeos approach takes the form of highly targeted solutions: from raw data on the performance of international markets to their selection and interpretation; from the development of Back Office support software to the pricing of financial products; from the development of benchmarks to the support for risk assessment and management and, more broadly, to specialized consulting. In the current market scenario, the continuous evolution of the banking regulatory framework periodically imposes new obligations on intermediaries.


In order to move in the right direction Augeos’ contribution becomes particularly valuable, since its specific solutions allow a rapid adaptation to changing contexts. With an immediate competitive advantage, signed by a prestigious signature of the sector.

An high quality firm

The strategic value of Augeos solutions is based on 3 factors of the highest quality:

  • the database, which monitors the performance of more than 250 stock exchanges worldwide, with continuous and constant updates
  • the high profile and professional standing of all Augeos’ dedicated team members, which are crucial in the analysis processes
  • operational methodologies, which are translated into results, values and indicators comparable with international standards

From the raw material to the completed work

Thanks to the specific and deep knowledge of the Finance market, Augeos offers a range of innovative, reliable, and highly qualified solutions and products. In order to allow operators to express their potential and achieve higher quality results. Augeos has always relied on the extreme specialization of skills to give the maximum value to its services. As evidenced by the results achieved in the various areas of reference: with solutions-oriented to Data Feed, Pricing, Web activities, as well as in the development of products and integrated packages for the management of Operational & Compliance Risk and consulting in the area of Front Office and Treasury Systems. The rapid updating and implementation of the different operational models represent a further strategic factor at the service of the customer. In this way, the catalog of Augeos proposals is always up-to-date. Indeed, contemporary.

A collection in continuous evolution

The authority and reliability of Augeos are substantiated by the collaborative relationships with prestigious players in the financial market and by the research and development projects it conducts with leading academic institutions. Among others, stands out the agreement with SIX Telekurs, one of the world’s leading information providers. A proven partnership, which provides both the management of the original database and autonomous data processing for the generation of new indicators. The commitment of Augeos for the construction of increasingly refined interpretative tools and models is also expressed through the diffusion of ChartAgeos, a technical-scientific publication born with the precise intent to offer a space for comparison and deepening to those who professionally deal with finance. If competence in finance is a subtle art, Augeos is the most valued partner for results to show off.