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Product data sheet

The product data sheet is a synthetic document in which the main registry information and the most representative risk indicators for the single financial instrument are collected.

The service proposed by Augeos provides search functions for financial instruments and the supply of the product sheets in PDF format through WebService.

The document is divided into sections:

  • Instrument description note
  • Rating
  • Instrument Features
    • General information
    • Refund Information
    • Coupon information
    • Indexes of references
    • Any notes
  • Issuer features
  • Negotiation
    • Quotation markets
    • Market information (prices and risk/return indicators)
    • Better trading markets
  • Scenarios of expected returns

Specific sections are also available, based on the financial instrument. For example, the following sections are available for funds:

  • Investment policy
  • Information about the management company

Product data sheets are subject to continuous updates from Information Providers.

For example, a government bond sheet.