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Reference Data & Pricing

The management of the master data of the financial instruments can be done in different ways. The choice is to rely on a single information provider or to opt for more than one. The two solutions can also coexist, complementing each other.


Straight Trough Processing at your fingertips. Co-creation between SIX and Augeos, it is a service designed for financial institutions and CFOs of large companies, which allows them to receive reference data, corporate actions and EOD prices, easily available and directly integrated into the customer’s systems and databases. It is an information flow present in Italy for more than 15 years and with more than 35 financial institutions as clients.

AT Master

ATMaster was born from the need to process in a centralized and unified way the information related to the master data of the financial instruments managed avoiding double charges. The system architecture was specifically designed to support multiple Data Vendors as data sources, manage a gold master copy of the master data and keep the registry data of different business applications aligned. The use of ATMaster allows maximum usability of one’s own information assets.

Augeos Pricing Service

It is the service supplying the theoretical value of the price of a bond. The types of stock managed from the service are wide and go from the simplest Zero Coupon Stocks to Stocks indexed with different types of optionality. This price is of the ‘Fair Value or Fundamental Value’ type to be compared with the one that is included in the balance sheet and in periodic reports also for the purposes of justification for control bodies or for their own customers. It is priced daily at over 5 thousand unlisted bonds for Italian and foreign customers. It also provides risk indicators and rate curves differentiated by class.