RED (Risk & Governance)

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RED (Risk & Governance)

Full risk governance implies not only the ability to apply standardised methodologies useful for assigning an objective level of risk, but also the possibility of containing this level within a threshold limit, i.e. the ability to apply actions aimed at avoiding its implementation in advance.

In order for these activities to be coordinated with each other, users who are called to collaborate in the management of corporate risk must be able to operate within a common perimeter, characterized by consistent operating models, assessments that use at least comparable logic, shared tools.


Within this scenario, Augeos proposes the “Risk Executive Dashboard” (hereafter: RED), an operational instrument that provides second and third level control functions:

  • A rigorous methodological framework dedicated to the management of verification activities and action plans
  • A monitoring system based on Key Risk Indicators that allows you to collect historical series of measurements with the application of customizable thresholds calculation algorithms
  • A Data Quality Risk Management environment to assess the validity and compliance of information on the asset guarantees domain
  • A graphical system of Risk Network Analysis that facilitates the representation and “drill-down” analysis of the relationships between the business objects of the system.

RED is a component of Augeos’ GRC platform. By virtue of this nature, the solution automatically inherits a number of basic features that allow you to manage:

  • Profiling (also through SSO procedures) and user maintenance
  • Roles and permissions
  • The structure of organizational units
  • Taxonomies
  • Insertion, editing and removal functionality directly through web interfaces (cc.dd. “CRUD functionality” – Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Massive loading of spreadsheets structured according to standard templates
  • Synchronization/alignment procedures from third-party sources
  • Native integration with other modules of the AUGEOS GRC platform and, more specifically:
    • RiskShelter, the module dedicated to the management of operational risks
    • Normageos, the module dedicated to compliance risk management
    • Augeos IT Risk Management, the module dedicated to ICT risk management