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VDF Plus

The Vdf Plus service is the solution, designed for financial intermediaries, that allows to receive

  • prices
  • master and administrative data

easily accessible from the web or in a format that can be directly integrated into customer databases.

The monitoring of managed securities is an onerous process, sometimes underestimated.


In this regard, there is an ever-increasing demand for STP both for the operations and for the registry component.


In fact, there is no doubt about the benefits of having an automatic updating process of registry information and prices on Italian and foreign financial instruments – listed and unlisted – through a controlled and centralized process.

VDF Plus : what is it and to whom is it addressed?

A solution 1(nota)  designed for Banks and Financial Institutions that allows to receive prices, master and administrative data that can be easily consulted or directly integrated into the customer’s systems and databases (back office procedures, risk management, portfolio management, trading).



  • Basic data of each instrument and issuers;
  • Information relating to events (e.g.: Corporate Actions) that occur during the life of the instrument;
  • Prices and Statistical values (e.g. volatility).

By subscribing to VDF Plus you can delegate the management of the company process of obtaining reference data in your portfolios and the related monitoring process (official prices, coupons, quotas, ratings, corporate actions, reclassifications, risk assessments, etc.).


The service is completely automatic and is based on the subscription mechanism: by providing the list of stocks on which you want to have the update you will immediately get the initial load of the portfolio and from the next day onwards daily updates and prices.


All of this in an electronic format immediately available for updating your procedures.

A modular service

1 The Vdf Plus service is based on Six Financial's Valor Data Feed.

VDF +: Our strenghts

  • Authoritative source recognized worldwide for master and administrative data
  • Official recognition for guaranteed data quality (ISO)
  • Member of International Associations for Securities Management
  • Integration of data from Official Sources and Institutional Bodies (Bank of Italy – Monte Titoli)
  • Primary source of the Back Offices of the Swiss Banks;
  • Team of professionals in the Back Office area for manual data entry
  • Supply of optional value added modules such as “Fair Value Plus” (VAR, Italian Unlisted Prices) in compliance with the new regulations (IAS, Basel II)
  • High quality/price ratio
  • Delivery structure in complete hardware and geographical redundancy with delivery 365 days a year during all 24 hours
  • Possibility to request stocks online during daily operations

Through the VDF Plus service you can access a specialized master data with:

For each financial instrument multiple records with information on

  • Basic defining data
  • Codes and classifications also for administrative purposes according to the indications of the Bank of Italy and Consob
  • Information on coupon plan, rates and fixing periods
  • Information on redemption and amortization plan for bonds and early redemption clauses
  • Specific underlying information and implicit options for derivatives
  • Specific data for OICR funds
  • Information on minimum cuts
  • Various information on listing markets
  • Rating of the security and the issuer with the history of the variations
  • Specific data on the issuer and/or associated companies with different roles (guarantee, depositary, publication body, market maker, etc.) and related codifications (LEI, Bank of Italy…)
  • Information on the conditions of issue
  • Information on the possible conversion of the security and its underlying
  • About connected instruments
  • Information on the structure of working capital and issued capital
  • Information on tax treatment
  • Information on how to liquidate the security
  • Information on dividends from shares and reserves used for the related payment
  • Information on cash flows generated
  • Information on the change in capital structure
  • Corporate actions and related information on corresponding master data changes


In particular it is possible to use the data through:

  • Export Standard, purposely built for the Italian market and periodically implemented with the new available information
  • Custom” Export creation on specific request
  • Contact VDF Plus (interface realized by CAD company for FINANCE AREA customers)
  • Export of the closing prices, available at different times according to the needs after the closing of the markets of interest


The service provides, in compliance with the MIFID directive, specific data for the identification of issuers, stocks and trading venues.


By way of example there are :

  • For the single financial instrument the indication of complex instrument, liquid instrument, classifications and all other necessary information
  • For Trading Venues the classification, the MIC code, the indication of “most liquid”