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AT Master is an innovative solution, which has been implemented by Augeos focusing on process automation and information quality to support banking services.


The platform aims to take care of data quality, timing of updates and quality of available data, crucial elements for financial intermediaries.


AT Master is mainly used to provide timely personal data that can be consulted or integrated into databases (back office procedures, risk management, portfolio management, trading) of customers; used among other things in operations and reporting with customers.


Governance, Risk Management e Compliance

GRC is a product created for the control functions of entities operating in the banking sector for a correct management of the so-called non financial risks. A strongly normalized sector, which however has been able on several occasions to anticipate in a surprising way the current world (industrial, tech, public, …) more and more directed towards the adoption of innovative solutions capable of moving from mere risk management to a real “governance” of the same under multifaceted profiles: operational, compliance, data protection, ICT, Cyber, third parties.


VDFPlus is the service designed for the Finance sector, in particular for Middle Office, Back Office, Finance Administration and Risk Management, which allows to receive daily closing prices, personal and administrative data. The main data sources allow you to benefit from updated data, in the face of continuous regulatory change.


Augeos Pricing Service addresses the Banking & Finance sector. It is in fact an independent and accurate service to evaluate bonds and related risk indicators, oriented to Data Feed, Pricing and consulting in the Front Office and Treasury Systems area. Thanks to the VDF Plus data source, the reference data are structured and updated almost in real time.

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