Evaluation of new products

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Evaluation of new products

The design activity of a new product cannot do without an a priori assessment of its riskiness starting from that set of information related to what has been similarly offered on the market until now.


However, this activity is not always easy to set up due to an information gathering characterized by the retrieval of heterogeneous data, evaluations based on inconsistent scales of judgment, conclusions drawn by means of non rigorous instruments.

For these reasons, RS offers the possibility to carry out the evaluation of new products by assisting the Risk Management office in the definition of a potential risk level based on objective information from the LDC, combined with summary judgments obtained from structured questionnaires on specific analytical components.


The result is an evaluation of the new product able to consider both the comparative profile that can be interpreted analogically from the historical series of the LDC, and the evolutionary dimension determined through a synthetic judgement of the analyst considering specific reference parameters.