Controls, countermeasures and garrisons

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Controls, countermeasures and garrisons

For a correct “risk governance” it is necessary to manage every control process with the same attention, which depending on the company structures and their respective perimeters of action can not infrequently overlap or at least be managed in an uneven and ineffective manner.

For this reason, Augeos provides the module “Controls, countermeasures and garrisons” to allow the application of a real “methodological framework” aimed at ensuring:

  • uniform management of controls, countermeasures and garrisons, regardless of the context in which they are located (operational, IT, regulatory compliance, etc…)
  • the applicability by design of assessment models capable of allowing the performance of “Control Risk Self Assessment”, beyond the use of such information in the more traditional risk assessment processes
  • the transversal adoption of the same elements between different control structures, allowing an in-depth analysis of the different profiles useful to derive essential information in determining overall adequacy levels