Unique Risks Catalogue

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Unique Risks Catalogue

The GRC solution is strongly focused on providing instruments and functionalities to determine clearly and comprehensively what are the risk levels and how to manage them correctly in a perspective of constant improvement aware of your situation.

For this reason, the system provides a unique catalog of risks containing a list of all the cases that the individual company structures have identified and mapped within their evaluation process, in order to photograph them effectively:

  • the updated list of the risks (operational, compliance, IT, data protection, anti-money laundering, etc…) considered by the individual control functions and/or deriving from the assessment activities
  • the significant convergence of particular risk levels on processes, organizational units, risk categories, etc…
  • the active monitoring of risk levels of various types and species, so as to have a clear picture of synthesis able to give a significant reading even in the short and medium term