Action plans

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Action plans

Thanks to RED, the second and third level control functions can count on a tool that was created with the intent to move from mere risk management to full risk governance through:

  • The possibility of configuring and carrying out periodic and impromptu verification activities, i.e. action plans deriving from the results of risk assessment and/or following significant events (losses, computer incidents, data breaches, etc.)
  • The preparation of preparatory phases necessary for the completion of the formal requirements necessary to carry out the verification activities or action plans
  • The structuring of the activities in different operational phases, the execution of which can be delegated to the respective managers
  • The possibility of archiving the verification activities and the attachments produced in order to document their execution

The performance of verification activities and action plans is conditioned by a workflow that allows the progress of the operational phases to be monitored in the form of project GANTT.

In combination with this workflow, the system can be configured to enable parameterizable email escalation mechanisms that allow you to independently align the various users involved against the scheduled deadlines.