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AT Master

Data Governance

AT Master was created to unify the management of master data in order to concentrate and specialize data governance functions in a single area, avoiding double imputation, customization and forcing of procedures intended for other purposes (typically the securities Back Office procedure).

The architecture of the system has been specifically designed to support multiple Information Providers and facilitate the integration of new data sources, obtaining the maximum usability of its information assets. The interface is extremely user-friendly and the navigation among the data allows to use various search parameters and different display modes.

AT Master also allows you to modify and integrate the data of interest, ensuring maximum usability of its information heritage.

The best data between different sources

The system allows you to choose the best data from the different sources available, using the priority and the comparison and selection rules implemented in the merge engine.

A Finance mentality

Each financial instrument is displayed by grouping the data with a financial logic, allowing you to immediately find the category of data of interest simply by clicking on the correct section.

The reduction of operational risk

With AT Master you get a significant reduction in operational risk related to data, limiting data entry to supervisory and control functions.
This solution allows users to directly compare new information with “legacy” data and provides extensive possibilities for recording interventions made for audit purposes.

Modular and expandable

AT Master is a solution that can grow to meet any level of demand. The structure is already prepared and designed for expansion to different providers or recipients.

You can easily change or extend feeds and build exports for other procedures with very competitive development costs and results that also save on the time needed to enter new data.

Data flow management

AT Master processes input/output flows automatically and autonomously, allowing to control the work through different masks and to receive alerts via email.

In addition, it provides a mapping configuration environment for each domain/provider, also used at web client level for a better understanding of each single field.

The client can independently define surveys, reports and dashboards, exporting data in various common formats (such as print, PDF, database, on-screen or XML).

Below are the main sections of the web interface

Master data

The Data section provides access to data on financial instruments, issuers and trading markets. It also allows to reach the Staging environment of the system.

Data sources

In this section you can view the data sources provided for the system update, as well as manage requests to providers.


This section allows you to configure the export flows from the system to external procedures and also offers the ability to generate the same flows from the web, both Initial Load and delta, rather than on a set of master data of interest.

Modules - Risk

This is the section dedicated to the graphic representation of information and data related to Cvar, Issuer Risk and Asset Management.

Modules - MAC

In this section it is possible to consult the data on Micro Asset Classes and their history.

Modules - Target Market

In this section you can consult the target data of different financial instruments on the basis of MiFID II.


This section includes numerous Reports that you can view via the web or download to files in different formats.


This section contains all the functionalities available to the Administrator users: system and modules configurations, monitoring of the operations carried out by the users and import/export activities of the flows.


The staging environment allows users to control and maintain the securities present on the system, by checking the reference data and allowing to make specific changes to the data imported by  information provider.

Information Providers

The Providers currently interfaced are the following:

  • Six Financial VDF Plus
  • Infront Market Connector
  • Morningstar
  • Bloomberg Connector (Back Office, Data License, IFRS9)